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Posted by Michelle Procter on 14/04/2018

Looking for Ancestors/Descendants of George Agar c.1712 and Alice Greystock. Other names in tree are Garbutt & Lownsbrough amongst others, in and around the Kirkbymoorside/Farndale/Lastingham/Rosedale and surrounding villages.

Posted by Jim Hall on 27/08/2017

Hi Linda We are fortunate to have most of the School Mags 1915-23 plus a few potographs. Give me a few days and I will look up the ones for 1917. Any photographs og your granDmother would be most welcome. Regards Jim

Posted by Linda on 26/08/2017

Dear History Group. I'm researching my family history and found that my grandmother, Alice Simpson went to Ravensworth school in 1917 which I understand decamped to Appleton around that time. I have a couple of photos to share which may be of interest and wondered if you had any info from that time, such as school roll etc? Thanks in anticipation, Linda

Posted by Jim Hall on 12/08/2017

Hi Sharon The publication is still available, I believe we have about 15 left. It is £4.99 plus £1.50 P&P There is a paragraph on Wilson Ward and obviously a lot of detail on the village he was born in. Regards Jim

Posted by Sharon Richardson on 11/08/2017   Email

I have a couple of questions 1. Are copies of your publication Appleton le Moors and the Great War still available, if so how much including postage. 2. My ancestor Wilson Ward is listed on the WW1 war memorial outside Christ Church. Does the group have any information on Wilson. Many thanks Sharon Richardson

Posted by harold harwood on 13/11/2016   Email

searching a John Agar father of George Agar born about 1712 at Rosedale Abbey .George married in 1731 Alice Greystock born about 1712 died 1778. both died at Hutton Le hole both buried in Lastingham. Any info on Alice as well as John Agar would be most appreciated.

Posted by Steve Barker on 02/09/2016   Email

Hello to all you ancestry sleuths. I am looking for information regarding the William Barker family. William (1833 - 1887) was married to Jane Wood (1837 - 1914). They had 9 children and 5 of the 9 born in Appleton le Moors between the years of 1858 and 1861. I have photos of many in this family and certainly willing to share in your quest. I would also appreciate and photos, especially of great grandfather William. Please contact me with any information regarding this family. Thanks in advance Steve Barker.

Posted by Joyce McLellan on 13/11/2015

I should like to hear from anyone working on the Grindwells (and variants) of Appleton-le-Moors. I have discovered that my 7 x great grandmother was Elizabeth Grinwell (sic) of Appleton, who married Henry Smith of Barmby Moor at Goodmanham in March 1681/2. She died in 1729, leaving a will. I have the Lastingham parish registers, but cannot find a baptism for her. There's no indication she'd been married before and she does seem to be making a point - not simply of Lastingham parish, but of Appleton and so linked to the Grindwell family. I have Mrs Allison's extremely interesting book on Appleton and I've copies of two Grindwell wills from 1713 and 1722, but there are no clues in them as to Elizabeth's identity. Can anyone suggest a way forward? Many thanks, Joyce McLellan

Posted by Gavin Lythe on 01/09/2015   Email

I am researching the Lyth/e family of Appleton le Moor and would be interested if anyone has information on this family. I have managed to trace back to Thomas Lyth who lived in Appleton from the 1720s onwards. Thx

Posted by Mandy Moorhead on 11/03/2015   Email

I've traced my maternal line back to at least 1746, the Bailey family who were agricultural workers. It appears my Great, Great Grandparents had 2 girls, there was a brother who died single. Is there a Bailey family still living in the area? I'm also very interested in finding out about domestic and farming life on the Moors at turn of the century.

Posted by John Lazenby on 09/01/2015   Email

Michael Bowes. I too am a descendant of Christopher Bowes, my great grandfather being his son Piercy, born in Appleton le moors. Please feel free to contact me should you so wish.

Posted by Michael Bowes on 21/11/2014   Email

Bob Adamson. Looks like I also forgot to leave an email link. Please contact me.

Posted by Michael Bowes on 19/11/2014

Bob Adamson. You did not leave a link to you email. I am also working on this branch of the Bowes family. I think my ancestor was John Bowes born to Bridget Bowes spinster in Sproxton. She would be Christopher's sister if Christopher was Born abt 1804. Contact me.

Posted by Louise Mudd on 14/10/2014   Email

We the K.M.S. History Group would like to thank Jim Hal for his kind assistance and help in setting up our Web page this is much appreciated. We wish your History Group every success in the future. Signed. Robin. W. Butler. Chairman. Kirkbymoorside History Group.

Posted by Bob Adamson on 15/09/2014

My maternal grandmother, Clara Isabel BOWES, was born in Appleton in 1867. Her father, Thomas BOWES likewise was born there in 1839, and although his father, Christopher BOWES, was born at Sproxton, he lived in Appleton for much of his married life and died there in 1872. Is anyone else researching a branch of this family?

Posted by Jim Hall on 19/01/2014   Email

Hi Issy Have you a date range for Luke and Martha. We have a lot of Shepherds :-)

Posted by Issy. Shepherd on 19/01/2014

I am interested in any information regarding Luke Shepherd/ Martha Shepherd I am related directly to them both through my father. Thanks.

Posted by Frederick John Shepherd on 20/11/2013   Email

NEW email address

Posted by Hazel Layt on 12/10/2013   Email

Reply to Su Lownsbrough - I too am a descentent of James Lownsbrough(my great grandfather)married Fanny Crosby in Scrayingham in 1864.I am hoping to travel over the this area of the UK in May 2014 to research more.

Posted by Sarah parsons on 15/09/2013   Email

Hi, does anybody have any information about Joseph Watson Philipson who lived at The Hall, Appleton le Moors and died aged 81 in 1963? He was married to my great grandmother. Any info would be greatly appreciated! Sarah

Posted by Sara Sykes on 01/09/2013   Email

Hi. My great, great, great, grandmother is Mary Hartas born in 1791. She lived at Bransdale. I am looking for information regarding WILLIAM HARTAS her son who was born in 1832 (1834?) He spent his last days in Sinnington. His birth place is named as Appleton le Moors on the 1861 census. He was a farm servant of John Hardings. I would be very grateful for any information regarding the Hartas family. Thank you.

Posted by Mark Shirley on 12/08/2013   Email

Hi, my great great grandfather was ' John Mayman Harding ' who ran a farm with his father and relations. If anybody knows any history or has any old photos, it would be very much appreciated...thank you.

Posted by Simon Jordan on 30/05/2013   Email

I am researching information about my great grandfather William Worthy who was the school master in the village school in Appleton-le-Moor around 1891. If anyone has any information regarding the school, especially old photos, and when William Worthy left the position I would be very grateful.

Posted by Michael Clark on 01/03/2013   Email

I am seeking any information regarding Richard Gilbank and Christiana Franks, who both lived in Appleton-Le-Moors 1815-1851.

Posted by Sue Lownsbrough on 10/02/2013   Email

I am interested in any information about James Lownsbrough, son of Noble Lownsbrough who came to Lancashire in about 1875

Posted by Sue Lownsbrough on 10/02/2013   Email

I am a direct descendant of Noble Lownsbrough, his father William, married to Jane Noble and his father John. I am keen to find information about Noble's son James who came to Lancashire in about 1875.

Posted by David G Turner on 26/10/2012   Email

David Turner, son of George Marshall Turner dob 1921, grandson of Charles Turner. i would like any information about my father if any one in the village still remembers him. thank you.

Posted by Gill Holbrook on 25/06/2011

I am a 4x g grandaughter of Robert Shepherd and Rachel Thorpe, 3x ggd of Luke Shepherd and Betty Strickland, 2x ggd of Martha Shepherd and linked of course to the Shepherd/Scoresby dynasty and all those Australian cousins. This part of my family is linked from my father(Helmsley). And apart from a Gillamoor connection is steeped in the history of wonderful Rosedale/Farndale/Spaunton/Appleton/Cropton/Lastingham/Sinnington etc. and generally in Ryedale. Thank you so much for your history site and all your hard work and research.

Posted by Jim Hall on 18/06/2011   Email

We have a hose called The Harding and a number of Hardings in Census and Church records. I will be in touch

Posted by julia Harding on 13/06/2011

Descendant of William Harding (b1844) and his wife Dorothy Sturdy. John Mayman Harding was a farmer who had insolvency proceedings taken out against him in 1882. Any info. regarding Hardings and Sturdys would be helpful.

Posted by Julia Harding on 09/06/2011

Descendant of William Harding b 1844, who married Dorothy Sturdy - one brother was, I believe, John Mayman Harding who was the subject of insolvency proceedings in 1882. Sons of William Harding were Thomas, William Ashton and Garbutt Mayman and John Harding. John Harding and his wife, Sarah Leek emigrated to America in 1907/8 with a young daughter Dorothy. Any information about Hardings and Sturdys and Leeks would be gratefully received.

Posted by Jim Hall on 02/06/2011

Robert I have sent you a mail, lots of info on all four families.

Posted by Robert Blair on 02/06/2011   Email

Descendant of Robert Shepherd (1795-1867), son of Robert Shepherd and Rachel Thorpe (his 2nd wife) and of his wife & cousin, Ann Shepherd (1801-1858), daughter of John Shepherd and Susanna Scoresby. Robert & Ann migrated to South Australia in 1843. I am interested in contactb with persons with ancestors of surnames Shepherd, Thorpe, Lownsbrough and Dobson from Appleton le Moors (and other places in Lastingham parish).

Posted by Robert Blair on 02/06/2011   Email

Descendant of Robert Shepherd (1795-1867), son of Robert Shepherd and Rachel Thorpe (his 2nd wife) and of his wife & cousin, Ann Shepherd (1801-1858), daughter of John Shepherd and Susanna Scoresby. Robert & Ann migrated to South Australia in 1843. I am interested in contactb with persons with ancestors of surnames Shepherd, Thorpe, Lownsbrough and Dobson from Appleton le Moors (and other places in Lastingham parish).

Posted by Jim Hall on 30/01/2011

Thanks for that Frederick I have sent you and email

Posted by Frederick John Shepherd on 26/01/2011   Email

Desendent of Robert Shepherd B 1771 Appleton-le-moors & Ann Harding B 1774 Lastingham. Their son Harding came to Canada approx 1834

Posted by Jim Hal on 17/07/2010   Email

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